Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Thank goodness for modern dentistry! New technology now allows even the most fearful dental patients get the dentistry work they need accomplished–without feeling any pain! Comfortable dental visits are available at Dorius Dental, where we can relieve your anxiety and provide you the care you need.

Unlike general anesthesia which puts the patient to sleep, our practice uses conscious sedation, where the patient is awake and comfortable, yet sedated.

When our professional Dorius dentists use conscious sedation, you won’t fall asleep. These modern, safe, and comfortable oral sedation options can provide you with great benefits. We offer two types of minimal sedation dentistry at our office: Nitrous Oxide (also known as Laughing Gas) and Oral Sedation. Read on to learn more!

The perfect option for people who:

  • fear dental pain

  • fear dental treatment

  • have not had good dental experiences in the past

  • don’t seem to “numb” well

  • have complicated dental needs

  • don’t like the sounds and other sensations associated with dental treatment

  • are self conscious and worried about their teeth


Nitrous Oxide is the most commonly used technique among conscious sedation dentists. The goal is to eliminate any dental anxiety you may face, allowing you to feel comfortable while your dental care is being worked on. Your dentist may even be able to complete work that would normally take more than one visit!

The N20-02 (Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas) inhalation option is very positively effective for patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety about dental work. As N20-02 typically minimizes gagging, it is also a great technique for those prone to gagging.


IV sedation is an alternate option for those highly fearful patients who need more than nitrous oxide. IV sedation allows patients to be comfortably sedated during their entire dental visit! If you choose IV sedation, it is mandatory to have another person drive you to and from your appointment. You may not operate a motor vehicle for a few hours after receiving IV sedation.)

All sedation options are very safe and effective. At Dorius Dental, we use safe and widely prescribed medications. In addition, we bring in qualified medical staff to perform the IV Sedation. From the moment you arrive in our office, we monitor your vital signs, and won’t let you leave until we are certain you are ready. Our whole dental team is trained and certified in emergency procedures, and we assure you that Dorius Dental is one of the safest places you can get your dental work accomplished.

As an added bonus, the medications used with IV sedation have an amnesiac side effect, which leaves you, a previously fearful dental patient, with little or no memory of your dental appointment–even without anesthesia!

Call us now for more information about sedation dentistry or to schedule an appointment–with no fear!