Orthodontics at Dorius Dental Design

Individualized orthodontics

At Dorius Dental, we are proud to offer a unique orthodontic procedure. Individualized Patient (IP) Orthodontics creates a personalized treatment for each patient. As opposed to standard braces, which use the same style bracket for each tooth and the same band shape for each case, the IP Appliance separately diagnoses the ideal bracket style for each tooth. In addition, each patient is provided with a custom-welded band and archwires specially shaped to their teeth. This efficient technique allows dentists to foresee obstacles that may occur with the braces in the future, such as unwanted tooth movements, and create a plan to prevent those obstacles. This means less regular visits to the dentist to make adjustments and 40% less time total wearing braces for some cases. Your teeth will also remain properly aligned for longer after the braces are taken off because they have been in their final position for longer.

What makes our orthodontics different?

It’s all about you! Your braces will be personally created to best fit your needs and it is done in the quickest way possible, without compromising quality of results. Each bracket is individually selected for all of your teeth. Your band and archwires are specifically made to fit to your teeth. Braces shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, because your teeth are just as unique as you are.

Clear Aligners

Along with traditional braces, we also offer clear aligners from Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Clear aligners can be just as effective as traditional braces, but they also have the advantage of being less noticeable while you wear them. LEARN MORE

Why do orthodontics with us?

Every member of the staff at Dorius Dental has one main goal: to change how our patients feel about going to the dentist. And our goal is the same when it comes to the orthodontist, too! We do our best to make your orthodontist experience a positive, reassuring one, for children, teens, and adults alike. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you could benefit from Individualized Orthodontics!