About us

The building blocks of a great dentist office


Training and Expertise

As an office we have an agreement to one another and a commitment to you to CANI “Constant And Never-ending Improvement.” Ask us what we have done to fulfill that commitment lately.

Dr. Dorius, Dr. Proctor, and their team are students of the Richardson Coaching Group and have attended seminars in Seattle to improve skill in communication, patient comfort, and experience, team unity, and life balance. This has helped create an environment in the office that is fun for the team and leads to lasting relationships with our patients.

Dr. Dorius and Dr. Proctor devote a lot of time and resources to continuing education to remain on the cutting edge. The most recent course he has attended addresses the latest techniques of dental implant placement and restoration, cosmetic dentistry and smile design, treating worn teeth, and laser treatment. He has completed courses in Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic bonding, and treatment and prevention of gum disease.


Our Mission

To change the way our patients feel about dentistry and create an experience worthy of mention.


Our Motto

“NO SURPRISES!” Communication is the key. Dr. Dorius, Doctor Proctor, and their trained team will ask questions to determine YOUR goals. You will be the driving force in your treatment. You will know what will take place at each appointment, how long to plan for, and what your financial obligations will be — No surprises! Everyone involved will be on the same page.