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When you visit Dorius Dental Design, your comfort is our top priority. It’s all about you! Our entire team is committed to creating an experience different from any other you have had in a dental office. We understand that the thought of going to the dentist prompts a lot of negative emotions for a lot of people. We are here to change that!

Part of our commitment to serving our patients involves providing information that helps you make more informed decisions about your health and wellness. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.


Your smile! It’s the first thing people notice when they meet us. Having a great smile is either a confidence booster or a confidence breaker. So much seems to rely on our sense of self worth-our confidence. It affects the way we act, the jobs we have, the jobs you seek out and just overall the way we carry ourselves. As a result, it affects not only the way we view ourselves, but the way we view others.

Smile & Self Confidence

Jeff Dorius - Dentist in Heber City, Utah

The Story of Jeff Dorius

Dentist in Heber City, Utah

Jeff was born in a small town in Idaho called Soda Springs. His dad was the local dentist in Soda Springs which is where Jeff got his introduction to dentistry. Jeff saw the way his dad was able to interact with the people from his hometown and create meaningful relationships with them through his work. He saw the way his dad loved his job, and that made him want to go into dentistry as a career.

After high school, Jeff attended Snow College where he played 1 year of basketball. After his first year of college at Snow, Jeff served a full-time LDS mission in the state of Georgia. Upon returning, he attended BYU and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Jeff then attended Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he graduated in 2000. In dental school, he was awarded an International Congress of Implantology award for his interest and work in dental implants. Jeff has also been recognized as one of America’s Top Dentists for the past five years.

In addition, Jeff is an active member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Utah Dental Association, and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is licensed to practice general dentistry and is also certified in soft tissue laser dentistry.


The Story of AJ Proctor

Dentist in Heber City, Utah

Dr. Proctor joined our team in October 2018. After spending seven years in Arizona, he and his family have returned home. Their move was motivated by his love for the Wasatch County, and the people that live there. He is thrilled to be a part of Heber’s most popular team of dental professionals!

In 2015, Dr. Proctor graduated with honors from the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. Completing two degrees, a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree and a Master’s degree in Dental Public Health. As a general dentist, Dr. Proctor is committed to helping patients have positive dental experiences. He strives to help every person love their smile. He loves orthodontics and had completed a two- year post graduate course in orthodontics for general dentists. As a public health professional, he enjoys educating the community on where to obtain accurate and up-to- date health information.

Dr. Proctor and his wife, Ashley, have two young boys named Brooks and Benson. In this spare time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, playing the guitar, home improvement projects and teaching his boys to participate in sports.

Jeff Dorius - Dentist in Heber City, Utah

Pediatric Dentistry

Kid tested and mother approved. Dr. Dorius and Dr. Proctor have a great way with kids. Other than the weird feeling lip, his little patients often are unaware they got a shot.



Thank goodness for modern dentistry! New technology now allows even the most fearful dental patients get the dentistry work they need accomplished–without feeling any pain!



Do your teeth need straightening? At Dorisu Dental, in Heber City, we provide affordable orthodontics that can quickly give your, or your family, the dazzlingly smile of your dreams!



One of the best general dentist in the Heber valley! If you haven’t booked your kids cleaning appointments yet, make sure you book on Dr. Dorius’s kid day! They always have a theme and dress up. It’s hilarious and the kids Love it. It’s a bonus that they leave with sparkly clean teeth! (and a gift bag of goodies)!

Lindsey N.

The Dorius dental group are an amazing group of people. They have been very personable and professional with me and I would recommend them to anyone.
— Tyler G.

Dr. Dorius and his staff are awesome! Dr. Dorius did an excellent job taking out a couple of old amalgam fillings. He gave me many options and let me choose the best ones for me. He has a great touch and is such a great guy. His team did a fantastic job of helping me to understand my portion of the payment after insurance did its part. I highly recommend Dr. Dorius and Dorius Dental Design to anyone, near or far. Thanks again!

Kyle S.